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Richard Diamond

Movie actor Dick Powell was a natural choice to play Richard Diamond, and the role came at the best possible time for his career. After finally breaking out of boyish characters in musicals into film roles as tough, interesting detectives, such as in the now classic 1944 film noir, Murder My Sweet, Powell was approached to do a radio show. A young Blake Edwards created the character, Richard Diamond, a former policeman turned private eye.

Powell whistled the opening theme song, a lighthearted melody that gave the show a reminiscent nod to his Broadway career. The music transitions into Diamond's narration, setting up the case in a rather wry yet whimsical tone.

Diamond was a smart, easygoing guy who was quick with the zingers. He verbally sparred with everyone, but especially relished unloading his sarcastic barbs at cops. He had a wealthy redheaded girlfriend, Helen Asher, who lived in a penthouse where episodes invariably concluded with Diamond seated at Helen's piano, crooning a standard or Broadway tune.

There are 115 shows in our collection! Date Aired
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The Gibson Murder Case October 8, 1949
The Bogus Bills Case October 15, 1949
The Rene Bennet Case October 22, 1949
The Bill Kirby Case October 29, 1949
The Singing Critic November 5, 1949
$50,000 Dollars In Diamonds Stolen November 12, 1949
The Leon Jacoby Case November 19, 1949
Carter Loses Memory November 26, 1949
The Ruby Idol Case December 3, 1949
The Van Dyke Seance Case September 10, 1949
Mrs William Baker Klepto September 3, 1949
Ralph Chase Case May 15, 1949
The Stolen Purse May 22, 1949
The Betty Moran Case May 29, 1949
The Fred Sears Murder Case June 19, 1949
The Tom Waxman Bombing Case June 26, 1949
The Bloody Hat Case July 2, 1949
The Charles Walsh Case July 9, 1949
The Man Who Hated Women July 16, 1949
Martin And June Hyer-homocide Billings Killing July 23, 1949
The Lynn Knight Case August 6, 1949
The Jean Copper Murder Case August 20, 1949

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